Alter Ego

Beautiful sun rising
Making the heavens come alive
Is that the sun
Wake me up when its gone
Flaming gates of hell
Fuelled with the torture of souls
Open the hell up
Or else I throw you in the fire
Beauty lays within the soul
Enhancing the magic spells
Upon whomever has the fortune
To look upon such divine beauty
Damn shes hot
Magical enchantments summoned
Creatures of mythical legends
From distant memory they came
Long forgotten of past wonders
Capturing the imaginations
Of childrens the world over
Hay! I know this animal!
Seen it in a book I threw
Endlessly hearing this voice
Annoying and unashamed
Always speaking on and on
Never resting and never talking
My alter ego within my head
Yeah well it aint a dream
Listening to you to buddy

Tan Nguyen


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