Negative forces

Seemingly the further away
Negativitys pull becomes stronger
When thoughts of success
Getting away from it
Showing it’s ugly head
Peering around the corners
Ahead of my destination
All this time
Running away as fast I can
Negativity has been toying
Playing me like a fool
Closer towards my fears
With shaky legs
Confronting my demons
Came so far
On my life’s journey
Being defeated by such a menace
Overthrowing my inner self
No longer wanting any part
Of those depressing days
Fighting all those battles
Climbing out of that darkest pits
Gaining each inch through blood
Determination on moving forward
To lose now
Would be a waste of time
Marching up toward negativity
Confronting my demons
My past which holds on to me
Grudgingly unable to let go
Never looking back again
With mind made up
Forwards on my journey

Tan Nguyen

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