Someday sometime somehow

Someday sometime somehow

Someday my trials shall end
Fate pulling the life away
Fading with countless mistakes
Showing that theres always options
Finding the correct path finally
Walking true towards the destination
Sometimes feeling so weak
Hating myself terribly afterwards
Beyond anything else in life
I am terrified for the first time
Somewhere a dream comes true
Only to suspend in midflight
Beyond understanding of immature mind
More than my own life is at stake
Selfish of me to drag someone down
Into my world filled with despair
Sharing my depression
Sharing the life I desperately hate
Torturing the soul until it screams
Somewhere within the misty dew
Somehow the light shines again
Finding the darkness beginning
To take hold once again
Threathening to consumed
Everything which I managed to accomplished
Within these few months
Retreating back into the darkness
Where its always been safe
Light is scary
Want to run and hide
Somehow I will find a way
Somewhere it shall come
Someday soon I will laugh at myself

Tan Nguyen

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