My life isn’t all smiles
It’s filled with pain
With moments of respite
Sometimes it’s hard to go on
Living in a hazy fog
Clouded with despair
Walking blindly
Going who knows where
Sometimes the pain hurts so much
Knocking me down
Keeping it’s weight
Pressed between my shoulders
Unrelentless pressure
Keeping me at bay
Sometimes its gets too much
No longer seeing any point
In continuing my life’s journey
Looking around for surrender
Which was constantly buzzing
Above my head so annoyingly
When I need it
It’s not there
Typical of things in life
Always around when not needed
No where in sight when it is
Sometimes hatred fills me
For being so weak
Having those moments
Of giving up
Of complaining
In reality
Surrendering was never a real choice
It’s an illusion
Like with many things around me
Yet some way
Some how
Some where
Some time
Some day
I shall make it
To my goals

Tan Nguyen

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