Endless circle

Dreaming reoccurring dreams
Day to day repeating the same
Each night being the same
Seemingly cursed by life
Unmoving backwards or forwards
Frozen in place
Youth disappearing
Time rushing ahead
Seasons moving on
Changing accordingly
Everything else
Like a pact made between
To ignore my pleas
No matter what I do
Never turn around
Leaving me alone
With the suffocation
Of darkness
Cold embracing tightly
Shivering with the care
Despair kept company
Whispering lies
Becomes truth eventually
Believing in the whispers
That being useless
Being left because unworthy
Hating the world
For the smiles and laughter
For moving on with their life
Watching envious
Jealously from behind locked doors
Overwhelming emotions
Of being forgotten
Smiling as to fool
Pretending I was alright
While within is destruction
Chaos reigning supreme
Depression was national pride
That was the world
I made for myself
The utter hopelessly
Watching the world moving on
Hate became too much
Tears flowing endlessly
Making sure no one sees
Hiding emotions
Until it became buried
Unable to care
If life or death
Came my way
Wishing for the end to come
Prolonging my suffering
Ending never came
No matter how much I wished
Not my path to walk
Not yet
Still many things left undone
Lessons learnt
Life has just begun

Tan Nguyen


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