Facing the enemy

Seemingly the most scariest
Creature that has ever lived
Blacker than night
Massively built
Strongest opponent
Ever challenged
Fears taking control
Instinct screaming to run
Turn the other way
Save myself from harm
Illusions mastering my thoughts
Knowing my weaknesses and strength
Mind becoming my own enemy
Turning traitor
In the hour of need
Sweating with cold sweat
Shaking wildly
Masking it the best I can
Walking closer
Smelling my own fears
Overpowering smell of coward
Fills my nostrils
Sniffing the air around
Swallowing spit which was forgotten
Closer now
Seeing the monster clearly
Mass of blackness
Roaring loudly
Weakening my resolve
Only for a moment
Fight or flee
Carefully walking towards
Moment has arrived
Proving my worth
Hours after hours
Turning into days and weeks
Preparing for this moment
Roaring back in defiance
Seeing the creature
Withdrawing for a split moment
Confidence gaining
For the first time ever
Thoughts of beating my fears
Has entered my mind
Before was never even dared
Seeing my fears up close
Breaking down all illusions
Seemingly ain’t that scary at all
Walking forward with confidence
Fear still fills the air
Yet it’s no longer mine
Filled with courage
Filled with unshakable confidence
Walking towards the beast
Visibly shaking
Visibly shrinking
Overcoming my fears
Overjoyed with fabulous sensations
Overcoming all the odds
Feeling such unforgettable moments
Personal achievements
Unbelieving what happened
Must be dreaming
Not wanting to wake
If it is

Tan Nguyen


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