Returning masked

Hidden beneath those masked
Somewhere deeply disguised
Buried with illusions
Pretending being anyone else
Rather being anyone but myself
Observing with interest
Safely behind the masks
Learning behaviors
Trying to understand
The meaning of being normal
Completely confused by society
Mimicking someone exactly
Results ain’t the same
Over time the charades
Gets tiring to play
Instead of revealing whats real
Showcasing a person
Without any emotions
Being the rock for many
The strength for others
Yet inside no one knows
That it’s breaking me in pieces
Not showing any weaknesses
Exactly the way it’s intended
Playing a role for so long
Forgetting what’s real
Being that character
Losing oneself in the process
Living a life in acting
Pretending to be someone I am not
Returning the mask
Back to the closet
Locking it up
Slowly stripping off the many masks
Slowly revealing the true me
Scary at first
At the same time
Exciting and nervous
Yet it’s less draining
Less tiring
Without the pretending
Giving me more energy
To focus on other things
Less stressful
Without the expectations
Letting go of everything
Which isn’t me
Even friends
Whom wears the mask
Of friendships

Tan Nguyen

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