Youth’s gift of recklessness
Born from lack of knowledge
Blindly believing in self worth
Which is grossly inaccurate
False wisedom being in control
Unjustified beliefs ruling each day
Thinking knowing better
Ignoring advise from real wisedom
Fearlessness from stupidity
Uncaring of thoughts
Not thinking everything through
Yet throughout all this
Warrior spirit embraced
Fighting the wrong battles
Standing up for wrong things
Misplaced loyalty
Self destructing from within
Soul crying out
Reaching the surface
Sadness overwhelming
Unable to find the source
Being to busy with a false life
Head filled with nonsense
Chaotic world
Yet unknowingly
Still immature
Wasn’t the world
That was filled with confusion
Nor was it even chaotic
It was the mind
Which projected the images
That was from within

Tan Nguyen

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