Fantasy worlds

Revealing hidden secrets
Unknown to all
But a chosen few
Gateway to another world
Forbidden long before
Banished to never returned
From disobeying the creator
Guarded by swords of flames
Daring dangerous grounds
Entering a world of perfection
Plenty of beautiful
Waiting to be seen
Delightful melody fills the air
Lavish landscapes
Leaving one breathless
Dreams of all dreams
Created in this very place
Reaching the forbidden world
Conditions are required
Once you enter this world
Theres no returning back
Thus keeping the secret safe
Nothing remains in this world
Nothing of value towards your name
A sacrifice happily made
Entering another world
All your dreams come true
Floating through the clouds
In total happiness
Singing songs with the melody
Being at peace
Finally discovering
The answers
Youve been searching

Tan Nguyen

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