As I sit here in wonder
Awed to silence
By the events of this year
Humbling myself once again
Illusions of strength
Breaking the mask
From first hints of problems
On the surface was an act
Being stronger than I was
No wonder the reasons
Why the foundations crumbled
Built on shaky blocks
Looking awesome from the outside
Serving nothing else than a show
Rebuilding myself entirely
Blocks which aint tested
Being left out from construction
Tears of uselessness
Tears of pain
Alone in the world
Within myself
Screaming at nothing
But these solid walls
Defining moments of the year
How many times
Had I broken down and recovered
Many to count
Yet each time I came back
Stronger than the last
Losing myself with events
Yet discovering at the same time
Knowing myself for the first time
Searching within myself
Knowing myself
Surprised in meeting
Not such a bad guy
Rumours Ive heard
Werent even true
Misunderstood since birth
Growing rapidly
In mind and spirit
Reaching for destinys call
Answering it confidently
Ready now to accept
My life purpose
To see it through

Tan Nguyen

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