Time gone by

As more time passes by
More thoughts entering my mind
Memories being honoured
One last time
Before fading away forever
Essence of life
Experiences and lessons
friendships being forged
Loneliness of years
Suffering through the void
Hatred consuming me entirely
Hating the world for moving on
Turning my back
Not caring any longer
Because the world no longer cared
These dark thoughts
Always on my mind
Jealousy of seeing happiness
Bitterness overpowering
Envy of others
Having the freedom of choice
Going places around the world
Thanks complaining about it
While I’m still stuck here
Wishing it was me
Negativity ruled my thoughts
My actions
My behaviors
Turning everyone against me
Resentments of those days
Lay bitterly on my tongue
Farewell to thoughts such as these

Tan Nguyen

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