Waiting for never

Time escaping rapidly
Strength declining steadily
Timeless confinements
Ageless emotions dancing
Situation becoming suffocating
Waiting all this time for never
Not lifting a hand in battle
How do I expect others
To fight for my life
When I myself dont try
Guilty as charged by lack of trying
Knowingly surrendering
Uncaring of world events
Dismay at losing all hopes
Lack of trying was the sign
When all attempts from me ceased
Measuring something
Which outlive your life
Which is immortal since dawn
Brink of total despair looming
Watery eyes hinting whats to come
Soul within cracking in pieces
Fragile as the notions itself
Strength only an illusion
Maintaining its appearence
As long as theres reasons
Without hope all is lost
Waiting for never
False awareness of reality
Holding mirage tightly
Thinking and hoping in helping
Mirage being another illusion
Never since the start was able
Wasting away energy for nothing
Nothing but chasing shadows
Waiting for a time that never
Dangling in my face mockingly
Waiting for never
Long wait till never
In death it will still be never

Tan Nguyen

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