Breaking through

There’s no easy way out
Running away from fears
Without a place to go
Finding out the hard way
Not indestructible
Not asking for another chance
Not wanting to face the facts
It’s unbelievable how life can change
There’s no shortcuts home
Thinking about the times
What used to be
Everywhere my eyes turned
Seemingly people mocking
With whispers of rumours
Questionable motives
Of those around
Feeling like a spectator
In my own life
Walking through the streets
Completely being lost
Streets in which I grew up in
Giving in isn’t optional
Not knowing which direction
Leading from disaster to disaster
There’s some things worth
Fighting for
Passions never dying completely
Talking about things
Which could of been
Afraid to life a dream
Seeing faces of disappointments
Letting people down
Dragging them down with me
Completely scared
Of being a failure
Wiser by the years passed
Recklessness hasn’t shown up
Finding the courage
To live a life
Of dreams
Becoming reality
Breaking through limitations
Smashing the boundaries
Traveling on unknown territory
Nothing to lose
Everything to gain

Tan Nguyen


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