Some encounters were destined
Strangers entering into lives
With perfect timing
Nights are spent
Wondering throughout
Deep in thoughts
Amazed how things worked out
With immaturity  still lingering
Can’t help but see the funny side
It seems that strangers
Were waiting all their lives
Just to appear for that brief moment
Egotistical thoughts
Still plague my mind
Continuing onwards on my journey
Beginning to take noticed
Of the smaller details
Beginning to understand
More of myself
Knowing the reasons
For my choices made without thought
Learning and experiencing
Enjoying life once again
In conclusions of many sleepless nights
Pondering these questions
Only one answer could be given
Encountering of strangers
Wasn’t coincidence
Meeting them at that exact moment
Was destined to be
Yet there’s a catch
It will only happen
If your ready

Tan Nguyen


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