Facing the world

As daylight breaks the stillness
Shining it’s light
Performing miracles
Achieving it daily
Unnoticed in the eyes
Of such brilliance
Personally it means a great deal
The way I came upon this view
The way my thoughts
Always in motions
Never being still
Representing something special
Which gives me unbreakable
Unshakable belief
That the best of life
Shall soon be upon me
As the lights breaks through darkness
Holds a deeper symbol for me
It proves no matter how dark
Even if it seems all hope is lost
Remembering the scene
When light first touches
The morning sky
Light shall prevail darkness
Each and everytime
Isn’t that a miracle
Performed on a daily basis
Life is full of thoughts
Surprises when unexpecting
Events beginning to become costly
Remembering forever more
The power of light itself

Tan Nguyen


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