Against the world

Circumstances of time and place
Preventing our journey
From moving forwards
Situations caused by misunderstandings
Being born in the wrong era
Perhaps a thousand years late
Or a thousand years too early
Law of the lands
As with opinions of others
Keeps changing throughout history
Imagine being born at a time
In history where it suited
The person you are
Being born simply
In an era that wasn’t meant to be
Written in the stars
It says greatest awaits
Destined to be remembered
As someone spectacular
Inspiring people around the world
Deeds never to be forgotten
Becoming immortal as someone great
Unfortunately mistakes happens
Being born to late
Things didn’t turn out
The way it should
Instead of a hero
Your a villain
Instead of being loved by everyone
Being hated by the world over
Circumstances not unfolding
The way it was written
Unlucky by the timing
Creating a whole different identity

Tan Nguyen

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