Following emotions

Sounds of low rumbling
Faintly heard during the nights
Deep sounding noise
Vibrating through the stillness
Shaking the grounds slightly
Silence of night returning to normal
Underneath the calm interiors
Danger is always lurking
Awaiting opportunities to present itself
Patiently waiting for the moment
Bidding its timely entrance
Boiling together with mixed emotions
Such controlled calmness
Shivers down the spine
Witnessing such mastery of control
Time slipping away slowly
Someday before eternity shows
These powerful emotions
Demands to be released
Recklessness combining with strength
Such raw untamed energy
Waiting forever to be freed
Resting until the day comes
Saving all its energy
For the coming days
Being unleashed upon the world
With destructive intentions
Eagerly waiting
Excitement building
Can’t wait for that moment

Tan Nguyen


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