Watching the world
Taking yourself out
In playing any roles
Sitting there and watching
Being an observer for a day
Watching the subtle way
Nature operates each day
Noticing the smaller things in life
Watching as the wind
Gentle blowing leaves around
Trees swaying with the wind
How the smooth surfaces
From a river becoming ripples
Watching the birds fly
Wishing it were you
Little insects loud as always
Noise they make
Are loud comparing their side
Compensating perhaps
The colours of the flowers
The feel of warmth
Absorbing the details
Amusement sets in
Wondering why you never noticed
All these things your seeing now
The rhythm of how life works
Seeing the patternsĀ 
Not speaking the same languages
Yet having some kind of understanding
The way the sun rises
The way it sinks and disappears
The way wind brushes by
The way couples behave with one another
Many details from observation
which never came to your attention before
Lovely in learning
Taking the time
To know your surroundings
Leaving in total new mind sets
On how you view life

Tan Nguyen


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