Signaling of an new era

Preparations for change
Long time in the making
Through experiences of life
Forcing me onto my knees
Destroying everything important
Punished with my eyes watching
As the world I knew crumbles
Ultimate uselessness achieved
From everything to nothing
From nothing to everything
Equipped accordingly for the future
Gaining the knowledge with experiences
Extremely challenging at worst
Despair overtaking reality
Journey being as slippery
Unimaginable nightmarish scenario
Life itself fluttering in and out
Flattering of strength and heart
Digging depths never reached before
Mastering of self
Anointing by the highest
Captain of my life
Being in charge of the directions
General of great leadership
Leading the army
Into battle
Tiredness from wariness showing
Finding a way to carry on

Lights from above showing
Breaking through stillness
Turning the dark of night
Into lights of day
With the coming of the beautiful sun
New era shall begin anew
Signaling an end
For the world I once knew
At the same time
Signaling brand new beginnings
If the coming of lights
Life of old being no more
Making it last forever

Tan Nguyen

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