Stunningly remarkable

Crystal made into dreams
Transparency magnificent designed
Weightless as the air around
Beautiful as flawless diamonds
Fantastic sensations flowing
Stepping into the unknown
Fragile hearts risking everything
Respectful of coming days
Preparation almost fully complete
Loving embraced as lovers
Carefully crafting masterpiece
Lights forever shining
Brightly as darkness being light
Divine interventions no doubts
Interferences leading different paths
Timelessness fading into never
Creativity expanding massively
Talent being trusted
Reaching full potential sooner
Expectations turned to motivations
Angelic voices filling the heavens
Peacefulness discovered
Through accepting the truth
Personality revealing truth
Lasting until eternal flames
No longer being able to burn
Fully using everything
Achieving the dreams of dreams
Negotiations off the table

Tan Nguyen


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