Walking at night
All alone
Not a soul stirs
Sound asleep in bed
Wrapped around
In their blankets
Walking alone
Through the empty streets
Street lamps glowing
Revealing only a part
Of the streets
Walking towards
Thick clouds of fogs
Densed and spooky
Floating above the groud
Strange sights
Walking through
Disappearing through the mist
Clouds swallowing you entirely
Moisture from the dews
Soaking your clothes
Sticking on the skin
Lost within the thickness
Barely seeing ahead
Only white thick puffy smoke
Hiding you within it
Trapped inside its belly
Dazed by the misty mazed
Shivering from the wind
Touching your skin
Mixed with moisture
Resulted in goosebumps
Shivering steadily
Still stumbling for the way
Quickly as walking into it
Being lost inside
Not knowing how long
Suddenly with one step
Out from the trappings of mist
Coldness felt greatly
Out in the opened
With nothing shielding
Blocking the night winds
From harming
Protecting you
Watching you
Always at the ready

Tan Nguyen


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