Bragging rights

Daylights shinning through
Illusions of being normal
Working like everyone else
Pretending to be mature
By maintaining a job
Professional criminal by day
Such a hard life to be
Pretending to be mean
Kicking around kids toys
Making a point

Nightlight comes with a bang
Probably me falling down
Undressing too fast
Activating my special powers
Not revealing what it is
It’s supposed to be secret
Why are you looking at me like that
There’s no way I’m wearing
My jocks on the outside
That fasion has long past

Strutting the streets
All high and heroic feelings
Flooding my body
Pumping with adrenalin
Heart beating fast
Wishing some criminal
To commit a crime
So I can kick their ass
Walking through the street
Like a pimp that just got paid
Getting restless
Where are the criminals
When you need them
Is there an election or something
Are they just with the politicians

Boredom kicks in
Driving my mind crazy
Decided on framing someone
Just to kick their ass
Searching for home room teacher
Wanted to kick his was
For a long time now
Walking along
Getting distracted
By the display of underwear
Through the glass window

Imagined myself
With wearing my underwear
For the world to see
Not bad
Not bad at all
Kicking myself
For even thinking about it
Such is life

Tan Nguyen

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