Imagining at night by the beach

Cold breeze blowing against my skin. Moving the clothes, gently making it flap, back and forth. Sitting down on the sand, feeling it between my toes. Grainy as it spreads and covers some parts of my feets.

The sound of the waves, crashing softly into the surfs. Creating sweet sounds. Crashing one after the other. In the dark, unable seeing much, as the moon is only half full. Peaceful surroundings. Not another person in sight.

The oceans surface, reflecting the glow from the moon. Making it appear glittery and shining. Mixing with the sounds the waves, creating a perfect scene. Hypnotic as the night goes on, causing my eyes being heavy. Glittery reflections and the sounds of the waves. Slowly casting it’s spell, leaving me in a trance.

Sleep is coming, eyes are closing. Trying to fight my eye lids from closing. The more I fight, the more heavy it becomes. Unsure how longer I’m able to resist, with the sounds of the waves, the beautiful glittery reflections bouncing from the ocean, the cool breeze that’s gently touching my face. Not long I’m assuming, since moments after those thoughts. Already happily in dreamland.


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