What once was
(Name of my group)

Unbelievable the things
In which hold values
Holding onto the past
Clinging on tightly
Not letting go
Afraid of moving on
We were young once
Young and stupid
There’s no denying
We had of heart
Becoming what society
Expected us to become
Needing someone
To point and say
Look there’s the bad guy
Making themselves
A little better
Learning the life
Not caring about anything
Only living once
Intending to make the most
Of the times
Unbreakable like brothers
Even life tried it’s best
Separating us
Yet we still stand
We are still friends
Never breaking
Not now
Not ever

Young and free
Free and young
Occurring only once
Never repeating
Never going back
Such happy times
Not knowingly
At that time
Carefree of worries
Only responsibility
Was attending school
Failing at that
Not caring one bit
Staying out
All night long
Without money
Still had heaps of fun
Without a car
Jumping trains
Avoiding the night watchmen
Living life
Loving life
Awesome being young
Precious moments

Tan Nguyen

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