Friendship is such a funny word. People just throw it out there like it means nothing. No longer having any respect for the word. Why should they even they don’t even know the meaning of it. It is the highest honour, given to someone, whom you are supposed to be there for them. No matter what. The like you enough to call you a friend, meaning they trust you completely.

If your not a friend, means your an acquaintance.  There are difference between those two words. One is earnt, not causally thrown everywhere like giving out free candy. There’s no honour anymore in this world. No more respect.

I would of died, for anyone I called a friend. That is my views of what friends are. Not some cheap words thrown around Like it’s monopoly money. And when someone says, that they are only good enough for them only when it suits. That says enough. That’s not friendship. That’s acquaintances.

It’s funny how, friends remain friends, until one of them does something which doesn’t suit them. Or going against them with opinions.

Tan Nguyen


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