Dear myself,

Continuing on from the other letter. At the moment, it’s a different challenge, a trial that differs from all the others. All the other trials and challenges, were based on strength and the abilty to withstand the pressure. This trial doesn’t sound that difficult, but it’s turning out to be the biggest and hardest one yet.

Discovering ourselves, to look within ourselves, to know and understand the person within. We are complicated, always joked about being out worst enemy, that it will be ourselves which destroys us, didn’t know it was true. Right now, that is the path and feelings at the moment. And for the first time, you don’t have the confidence, that everything will be alright, this time it’s really real, the possibility of failing a challenge for the first time. In the past, only reason why we succeeded, was because someone always came, at the right time, to add what we needed to succeed. This time, isolating yourself, how will they know where to find us.

There’s only one option remaining. That’s logical and perhaps the best solution. Finding that motivation and determination and that drive once more. Maybe you have forgotten. There was someone I once remembered, that didn’t have anything in this world. He went out and made a name for himself. At the age of 14, he had the result of the adults. Not his parents, but adults who were hard to the core. The original tough man, whom seekef his advise and followed his wishes. It was because of respect.

Well, unsure if you remember this person. It’s been too long ago, but I won’t forget the way he thought and what he did. To reach that level so young. When people looked down on him. The more people say that he was worthless, that he won’t succeed. The more they laugh at him. The more they hated him. The more strength it gave him.

Through steer determination, he succeeded through all the odds. It’s an incredible story, hopefully you may be able to remember this guy.

Now the decisions are before us. We can give up, roll over, and fade away from life and be forgotten again. Or survive and prove to everyone that your worth more than money. More priceless than the rarest of rare. Each day your alive, is irritating to them. Each breath is driving a nail in the head. Maybe you are able to remember that person I mention before. That person was you.

Survive. Succeed. Prove to them all. Of who you are

Tan Nguyen


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