Dear myself,

Being your voice of reason and logic, isn’t something people would understand. We are crazy ain’t we? In a good way though, if there’s a good way.

All through our lives, it’s always the same. Really don’t know what people expect from us. Maybe we created an illusion we couldn’t handle. Or wore a mask that we shouldn’t of. In any case, it will always be just us. Crazy or not, why does it matter what people think. They can only judge when things goes wrong. That’s the only time they will appear. All the pretense is just that. No matter what they say.

Don’t know why we even bother to lift a finger anymore. The amount of things we need to handle daily and then all of the dramas. No wonder why we are crazy, it’s a miracle it ain’t a crazy that loses all senses of thoughts. It’s only having a conversation with ourselves. Not harming anyone so why should they even judge. Who gave them the right to judge others. It helps us and that is all that matters.

All our lives we try and make others around us happy. Doing what they want, doing things for them. We don’t owe them anything yet time and time again, we always receive the negative effects from it. Standing there handling the blow out, picking ourselves back up, while the are happy and moving on with their lives, not for a moment be worried if we made it out okay.

We lived a life not knowing who we are, how sad is that? In not knowing who we are,  the real person, not the person people expect us to be. Changing ourselves to fit in, to be accepted. Buried within, by all those mask we were. Losing ourselves in the process, while no one even have a moment’s thought about us. It’s enough, it’s time to stand, and stand alone.

The mistakes we made in our times, that’s already been accepted long ago. I think we learnt enough and suffered enough. How many times can a person crack without having damage done. Without negative results. And yet people still expect you to be sane? Makes me wonder, whose the sane one.

Selfish acts and hate will lead us down a path we don’t want to go. Then what other choices are there? Turning our back on the world again? Isolating ourselves once more. Fading into being forgotten, no longer existing?

Tan Nguyen


2 thoughts on “Letter to myself 14/10/2015

  1. I guess we all have to build our stockpiles of resilience – don’t give up. Just think of the magic in the fact that I took the time to read your post and I am a continent away. I believe each of us has power that we don’t always realise we have – sometimes it may be in small things that we can have huge impact for our lives. Have a good day/night and smile. 🙂

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