Interference interruptions

As the future unfolds, revealing nothing of the plans, discussed long ago

Falling from the paths, stumbling around in the darkness, despairing with desperations

Interferences coming like a curse, as if feeling heaven’s wrath

Interruptions causing misconceptions and forming illusions, as hell play its games

Movements weighed down, dark clouds clinging on tightly, as long lost lovers

Forsaken and abandoned, thickness of the morning fog, causing inaccurate assessments

Chaos weilding immense power, supporting and enforcing the notions, of being forsaken and abandoned

Reality differs from illusions, only in ones mind, were these conclusions

Love and care always around, never left not even for a moment, decieved by the masters of destructions

Interventions planned long ago, before eternity and forever, joined together becoming one.

Tan Nguyen


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