Angelic embrace

Heaven’s gift
Divine godess of beauty
Embracing wholly with warmth
Happiness stiring within

Stars above twinkle

like tiny lights guiding

us through the lonely night:

messages reaching our eyes

like trinkets for the soul
Happily waiting
For words appearing
Worthy of the patient
Being displayed

On the edge of a cliff

looking up at the shining

dots, looking over

us, following right behind –

catch us when we fall

by sending an angel

in human form to

offer their embrace

Angelic divine interventions
Wondering outloud
Questioning my reasonings
For some unexplained reasons
My thoughts came to be
That you were sent from above

On difficult nights
I wished for you
And you came true:
Floating into my life.
You took a chance,
And we’ve taken flight –
Watch us dance under
The moonlight.

A poem written by
Tan Nguyen
Jade Moore

October 16th 2015

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