Never normal

Throughout my life

I had never been called normal

Been called stupid
Also genius

Been called crazy
Also boring

Even my days ain’t normal 
Experimenting with emotions
While others are running
From emotions

Experimenting with pain
While others avoid
Like the plaque

Normal, like everyone else
Seeking to be amongst others
Trying to fit in
Into a world that’s normal
The more I discovered
Is the world isn’t normal
It is filled with mentally insane
Over excessive
Over pretentious
False society
Who pretends to be normal

Tan Nguyen

6 thoughts on “Never Normal

  1. Being “normal” is vastly overrated, and, eventually, you’ll figure out, that by working so very hard, to fit into that “normal” category of how others define you will only cause you to lose sight of who you really are, then, you’ll begin, to define yourself, based off of JUST you!

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