Catching with lost time

Wandering around many years
Lost and confused in life
Directions obstructed with mist
Sights filled with tears
Blaming the reasons on dirt
Thick clouds looming with depression
Following like a stalker
Unable to accept a simple no
Time passes without acknowledgement
Steadily moving further away
Trapped in a haze of illusions
Unable to close the distant
Watching as time goes further 
Helplessly watching until it disappears
Longing to go along
Instead of being left behind
Hurting with abandonment
Sadness filling loneliness 
Despair keeping depression company
Adapting with new surrounding
Unliking it instantly
No other options available 
Being left alone
In this darkness
Without air
Without breath
Without a chance
Without hope
Without any meanings
In continuing the fight 
That is when light
Appears in sight
Closer inspection, it’s really bright
Determined to make things right
Using all my might
Everything will be alright
Let’s call it a night 

Tan Nguyen


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