Forever and ever

Forever is now, till the end of time, living as always, with the sweestest of emotions

Caring of another shall never fade, always near, even late at nights

Searching all over, yet never finding, nothing ever that was close

To what I found in you, invading my mind, yet it ain’t unpleasant

Noticing the smallest things, inside rejoicing of my luck, of finding you

Life was blinded in suffering, emotions were fading and life was overwhelming

Couldn’t find strength to carry on, the spirit was fading away rapidly

Seemingly all was lost, until that moment, you came into my life

Everything changed from that moment onwards, with the words I never expected to see

Sorry, my english is bad, from that moment on, without us realising

The power of love, were focusing all their energy upon us, bringing us together

It was the most beautiful experience, in my life which was consumed by darkness and despair

All of those things disappeared upon your arrival, the answers to everything

Forever and ever, till enternity ends and finitity begins, always is, always will be, always shall be

Tan Nguyen

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