Love of poetry

Throughout my life, not knowing how, to deal with emotions, keeping my feelings inside

All those feelings and emotions, were building up, building up, building up

Without any form of release, just building up inside, pressure mounting, until everything turns red, and erupts

After awhile, after the eruption, the process begins again, erupting again, this goes on and on

Unexpectedly, during my darkest of days, When hope was no where to be seen, writing came into my life

Writing my thoughts down, releasing my emotions, feels like a weight, has been lifted

The more I wrote, the lighter I felt, the more better I became, writing saved my life

Instead of self destructing, I am healing from within, instead of losing control, I am gaining control

Poetry to me, means many things, it is a symbol of hope for humanity

In the poetry community, we are all supportive of each other, always there to listen, sensitive souls of immensely lovely people

It doesn’t matter, the colour of skin, where your from, none of that matters

Poetry has no colour, poetry is love, and with that, my faith in humanity, is restored

Tan Nguyen

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