Into the night

Whispers are heard
In the stillness of night
Echoing from somewhere deep
Sounding full of wanting

Calling out to a listening ear,
the silence is overcome
by their whispered fears
reaching you: The chosen one.

Honoured and humbled
Of choosing me 
Wondering if perhaps
The intended messages
Was for somebody else

They get stronger with every word
to make sure they are still heard,
in all the universe you are the one
and it is to you that they sing their song.

Intended or accidental
Matters not
The voices turning into
The sounds of sweet melody
Yearning for more

Tune into the frequency
of beautiful sounds
emanating from high above
in the clouds. Let them know
you hear their song and
with your heart, sing along.

Written by
Jade Moore
Tan Nguyen

October 18th 2015


5 thoughts on “Into the night

  1. Ohh lovely..!! such beuatiful thoughts so beautifully portrayed in words..when i read your poem i belive i could see what you saw writing this..and that i belive is somthing really big for any writer..amazing..
    Your poem is like a garland..i cant appriciate it enough..jst so u know you earned a new fan.. 🙂
    Tc n keep writing..!!

    Liked by 1 person

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