Remembering those days of darkness, wasn’t that long ago, it was called home

Remembering the weight, which crushes anything of value, eventually grounding it into dust 

Remembering the battles, just the climb out alone was difficult, crawling each way

Remembering the search within, searchingn for strength to go on

Remembering the interventions from above, when things were lost

Remembering the feelings and emotions, of those days, the thickness of the air, making it impossible to breathe

Remembering what its like to not feel, not care, having no emotions, living a life of the dead

Remembering how far I’ve gone, accomplishing the impossible, still standing even now

Remembering my life from before, comparing it to now, I’ve grown up so much

Remembering my past struggles, using those experiences as strength, never returning into a world, that I called home, for many years

Tan Nguyen

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