Always will be near

When the sun no longer shines,
Through the thickness of clouds ,
When the moon no longer shows,
Through the troubles of life,
When the world of heavenly wonders,
Through boredom of,
Delivering disappointments,
One after the after,
Seemingly endless of the same,
Without any thoughts of changing,
Distant no matter how great,
Always will be there to see it through.

Daring displaying affections, emotions which was hidden, long ago

Brief moments of happiness, shining through the thickness of depression

Enjoying the feeling, of a smile upon the face, the warmth flowing through

Enduring the pain and suffering, the hurt and torment, the disappointments of life

The tears which became rivers connecting with the ocean, threatening to drown the sorrows within

Everything, the experiences and lessons, was worth doing it, again a million times over

For that briefest moment, when happiness finally appeared

Knowing it will always be near

Tan Nguyen

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