Describing dreams

Dreaming reality away, with my mind drifting into another world. In this dimension, things suddenly becomes a possibility which were not in reality. I’m this world, nothing is forbidden, nothing is against the rules, anything is allowed, as long as I am able to think it. Flying through the air, or exploring the oceans and the cities untouched by human hands.

Dreaming of things which makes me happy, dreaming the world away. Escaping into another dimension, where happiness is found. Uncaring if it’s illusions, unreal, matters not one bit. As far as I am concern, it’s real to me.

A world where fantasy comes true, wished are granted, and disappointments doesn’t belong. Anything I desire is right here, in this world, waiting for me to grab it. A moments respite from the daily troubles, which makes my head hurts. A vocation for just a little while, being free from reality. Enjoying the dreams in this beautiful world.

Limits are set by my own accord, letting my imagination go wild. Expanding my creativity each time, exploring with ideas of what makes me smile. Mixing combinations together and see if it works out. Creating more worlds within, being proud of what’s created. Imaginations emerging as reality, dreams becoming reality, problems beginning to emerged.

Dreaming of dreams, fulfilling fantasy and always being happy. Resulting in self destructions. Unable to notice the difference, between dreams or reality, wanting to stay in dreams, making it reality. Giving up, only wanting to sleep, only wanting to dream. Because it is a world that’s mine. Yet it’s becoming dangerous. No longer wanting reality, no longer wanting to open the eyes anymore.

Being lost within illusions, created on my own. Trapping myself with my creativity, no longer belonging in the real world, out there is now nightmares , making this dream world, a new reality

Tan Nguyen


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