Longing for anything

Beneath my feet, the world begins to shake, rumbling and groaning as the groups splits apart

Opening the gates into hell, revealing to the world it’s not a story, invented to scare little kids

Heat hot enough to melt skins, appearing suddenly, harming anything it comes near

Gravity is working the opposite way, pushing everything upwards, towards the heavens

All around are people screaming and running, objects being lifted upwards, dramatic unlike anything beforeĀ 

Strangest things were happening, the heat doesn’t have affect, gravity wasn’t pulling upwards, nothing was happening like the others

Like being in a dream, nothing seems real, like a tourist on holiday in foreign lands

Fascinated of the things happening all around, observing everything with keen eyes

Realization came, it came hard, the visions were reflecting the turmoil within, crying out for attention, screaming for help, losing all sense of directions, perhaps losing all senses

Tan Nguyen


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