Love overcoming everything

Weighing and holding, with the weight of depression and sadness

Holding as an hostage, keeping darkness within sight

Unable to move without visions, going in the right directions, just guessing

Dreams shattered long ago, hope vanished without a trace

Motivations and determinations, drained from existent

Heaven opens it’s gate, sending angels to reach the hearts

Beautiful angelic beings, floating through the sky, majestic so divine

Opening up new worlds witin worlds, wielding such tremendous emotions

Love entering the soul, healing the soul, picking up the pieces

Warm and tingling sensations, flowing through the body, feeling new life growing

Hearts beating to the sounds, of another which is dear, beating with the same rhythms, as if it were one

Beating perfectly, completing a ritue long ago forgotten, making everything feels complete

Perceptions on the mind, beautiful is all it sees, tranforming into something new

Always smiling
Always happy
Always warm
Always satisfied

Love has made its way
Entering the heart of hearts
Making a new home
Deep within the soul
Making love
A powerful emotions
Which shall forever remain

Tan Nguyen

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