Extreme expectations

Mounting pressure, heaviness of the air, suffocating, withholding the essence of life

Emotions surging, presenting itself to the fore, demanding to be released

Weakness in controlling, the many forms of emotions, all at the same time

Walking around in circles, round and round again, lost in thoughts

Breathing with what seems the weight of the world, trying so hard in moving forward

Trying the very best, yet it doesn’t seemed like it’s enough

Expectations has became so great, failing isn’t an option anymore

Looking around at the faces of those that cared, not wanting to disappoint any of them

Fear of failures gaining momentum, gaining ground as doubt joins the battle

Afraid to let anyone down, afraid of failing, afraid to confirm, in being that loser

Somewhere within lays
Within the depths of hearts
Buried so long ago
In case as emergency as these
Foresight or premonition
Instinct of feelings
Sensing a day will come
In which strength is needed
When doubts and fears
Dictates the outcomes
Which ever it may be
Digging into the reserves
Gaining renewed strength
Continuing the fight 
A heck of a battle

Tan Nguyen

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