Special meetings

Blindly walking through life
Crushing into everything
Consequences following behind
Uncaring of the future
Believing in dying young
Showing the amount
Of success being placed
Not even believing in surviving
Past thirty years old
Youthful recklessness
Of courage and false bravery
Illusions invading every thoughts 
Bickering like pregnant hens
Spiralling out of control
Falling into the abyss
Hope was no where to be found
Courage lost with age
Bleak as the surroundings
The future even more so
Until chance of unexpected meetings
So special and rare
It changed lives forever 
Altered the course of life
Opportunities suddenly appearing
What was lost 
Shall be remade
What was missing
Shall be found
What was lacking
Shall be strengthened
Empowered by beliefs
Reborned in transformations
Through special meetings
Found reasons and hope

Tan Nguyen


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