Waiting for this moment

Every experiences,
Every emotions,
Every pain,
Every scar,
Every tears,
Every hurt,
Every disappointments,
Every happiness,
Every joy,
Every moment of life,
Spent in darkness,
Spent in the light,
Spent being alone,
Walking and crawling each step,
Preparing and learning,
For this moment in my life,
Waiting all this time,
Now the moment has arrived

Everything I have been through, all the emotions and torment, the pain and endless sufferings

The lessons which life, has taken upon itself, being my teacher, opening my eyes and mind, to the world I’ve overlooked

Seeing the same things, yet in a different mindset, little details changing my whole opinion, of something once so simple, turning out to be the most complicated

Walking along, more things are being noticed, the smaller details, defining the bigger details, life has taught me well

Everything in my life, the positive and the negative, has prepared me for this moment, breaking free from the shadows, shining brighter than the sun

Loved and cared for by darkness, letting me out into the world, further expanding my learning, further expanding my mind

Without the negatives of life,
There’s no positives of life,
Preparations are completed,
Waiting for this moment,
All my life

Tan Nguyen

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