Straighten circles

Lovely as the ocean’s smoothing melody, of steadily sounds created from the waves

Fantastic as the freshness, caused from the  downpour of the rains, cleaning the filth from the world 

Sometimes the world seems angry, directing its fury at you, unrelenting ferocious attacks hurtling full speed

Sometimes the world seems like a sadis, enjoying inflicting the people with pain, watching as their fighting spirits leave the body

When things are going smoothly, it doesn’t last very long, from above we prayer, without an answer, day or night

Road of recovery, seems like a waste of effort, to improve ourselves for what reasons, to be liked or to fit in a world, which doesn’t acknowledge our existent

As the night arrives each day, when blackness of night takes over the sky

When my mind is called by the soft breezes of the wind, the quietness which the world slowly drifts to sleep

My thoughts matches perfectly with the colours of night, making sense of the impossible, understanding something, which can’t be seen not even be touched

Tan Nguyen


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