Visibly shaken

As the world of emotions open up it’s arm, like a mother’s embrace, filled with love and care

Exploring a world which is foreign, unlike the world which I know

Courage having been built up steadily, with cautious steps taken within this new world, bravery of going further in

At first I thought, what a strange world, people that actually cared about each other, that love really does exist

Such a strange place to see people expressing their emotions so openly, tears are kept on the faces and not hidden

Cautioned from voices within, warning not to let my guard down, to  still be careful when dealing with humans

It was truly a wonderful world to be involved in, to share feelings and emotions, to say what’s on the mind, to release unwanted pressure building up

Yet something is wrong with me, perhaps I embraced this new world too quickly, desperately trying to escape the world before

Accepting anything at all, even if hell was available, would I hold embraced it like I did with this world

A mothers embraced filled with love and care, something I never knew nor felt, doesn’t matter if words are sweet and wonderful to read, if intentions ain’t the same

Journey continues onwards, as I shut myself more deeply than before, with emotions being expressed and shared, feels like I’m fading once more

Tan Nguyen


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