Ripple effects

Watching as the surface of the river, smoothly throughout the entire surface

Silk blanket in its appearance, reflecting everything it sees, perfect images of reflections

A droplet of rain, travelling high from above, coming into contact with the surface, making a tiny splash

Circluar in form, appearing around the droplets splash, causing a stir throughout 

Ripples are spreading far and wide, leaving bumps of little ripples, across the river, redesigning the surface

One small droplet, from the heavens above, causing such a difference, from a moment before

Ripples throughout life, one moment peaceful and happiness in full motion, next moment a droplet falls, causing such commotions

Disrupting the harmony of daily life, changing everything within, something so small having lasting effect

Never again, underestimating something so small, causing such a ripple , into my life 

Tan Nguyen


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