Searching in darkness

Searching around in darkness, discovering things which didn’t knew was there

Surprised by it all, wondering around in circles, thinking if it’s real or if it’s true

Searching the depth of the soul, yet the more deeper it goes, the more questions are presented

Confusion fills the mind, the heart has gone for a walk, while the brain has locked its doors

Everything which was ever learnt, every belief which sustained us through the years, has became a lie

Learning everything once again, searching for truths and reality, only realising nothings out thereΒ 

Wandering around aimlessly, the truth slowly draws upon, the soul is screaming to search within

Unnoticed before, by the noise within the mind, crowded of unwanted guest, unable to hear through the noise

As the noise begins to fade, abling to hear the screams of the soul, and so

The search begins

Tan Nguyen

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