Mythical lands of ancient time
Rumours delicately whispered
Soft and gentle as the wind 
Happiness of being accepted
Belonging is the feeling, felt
Calmness of mind and body
Like the continuous waterfalls
Ever falling yet smoothing the soul
Mightily as epic sagas of battles
Fulfilling a round of circles
Complete is the feeling, felt
Accomplished and satisfied, resulting
Heavenly wishes committed, finished
Delving within somewhere deep
Tearing apart ruthlessly, in search
Of answers and knowing, oneself
Myths from legends were true
Exist a place of happiness after all
Being accepted completely
Of the person looking back, reflections
Loving as it should be, care of self
Knowing thyself, positive and negative
Completes the person you are
Journey from within, inner battles
Denying outside interference 
Upon being victorious, learning begins
Loving of self, accepting of self
Part of lessons in life
Discovering happiness
Is the end result

Tan Nguyen


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