Life in motion

Life flowing with energy
Stirring vibrantly within
Awakening emotions long forgotten
Whispers again being heard
Remembering what has passed
Memories returning from fading away
Restlessness, twitching of the muscles
Inner core switched on, set to full alert
Life flowing normally, as intended
Reality separated from illusions
Drifting as a wanderer, exploring
Searching as purpose presents itself
Questioning knowledge gained
From pretenders of knowledge 
Masked removed, being one self
True to one self, no longer rejecting
Horizon which was far, no longer
Closing the gaps, filling the spaces
Mind expanding, ignorant is bliss
Game of life, many departments
Choosing the fields, own elements
Visibility clears of the misty clouds
Scars proudly worked as medals
Tears that stained of lost
Of experiences and sufferings
Moments of breaking down, getting up
Truth of life, destroying all notions
Taught as a child, being an adult
Utterly different, different teachers
Life is constantly in motion, continuously
Learning to enjoy, moments given
By the teachers of life, as a student
Is what I am

Tan Nguyen


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