The great pretenders

Lights shining upon the world, revealing what darkness likes to hide

Questions within a form of a poem, asking you to think about it deeply

Poets and poetess from across the world, no distances too far, for our creativity is boundless

When truth is hidden from us, and then being lied to about it, is it from a person that cares, to protect us? 

Or is it something sinister, maybe even worst, darkness rejoicing in victory, as the human race declined, fighting amongst ourselves

Take a moment and look around, closing eyes and ears, pretending it doesn’t exist, doesn’t make it go away, it’s still there

Depths of my heart, leaks a thousand droplets of blood, beyond the years that flows, dried up from the blood which took over, until there’s nothing left but dust

Reaching out for reasons, pleading for one last hearing, so humanity can see the light

Tan Nguyen

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