Face to face, with some creature, strange and weird looking, yet unable to take my eyes of it

Unable to understand it’s language, catching one word, sounding familiar

Alien? This creature called me an alien, while my species were here millions of years before them

Ignorant species, assuming they are the master species, unknowing their own history

This is our world, on this planet, there are many dimensions, many different realities, many things which they don’t know

They try to understand space travel, that made our kind laugh so hard, it was the funniest thing ever heard

Human species live on average of 75 years, yet they want to discover and explore new planets, light years away

How are they supposed to survive a trip, with a life of 75, are they planning on mating on the ships 

Perhaps they ain’t satisfied with the destruction of one planet, looking for more to destroy

They wage war in countries for oil, that filthy dirty black slimey thing, so gross

They can’t eat it, why fight over something so ridiculous such as that

This creature is calling me alien, interesting, so biazzare

Tan Nguyen


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